How to know if I need more insulation in the attic?

How to know if I need more insulation in the attic?"

Homes should aim to have 300mm of insulation in the attic, in order to achieve desired levels of thermal efficiency. Upgrading to this level of insulation will allow you to save up to 30% of your heating bills by trapping the heat within the home’s building envelope and preventing

escaping through the roof. A term commonly used is putting the hat on the house.

We find most properties that we attend have less than 100mm of insulation which is level with the top of the joists in the attic. We also find commonly that some homes actually have no insulation! When we complete a technical assessment of the attic, we are able to ascertain the quality of insulation of any existing insulation, any that has been squashed or destroyed will no longer be effective at creating a cold barrier between your property and the outside.

If you’ve looked in your attic and find that you have low levels of insulation, you are losing heat unnecessarily. Please feel free to give us a call or email to get a quote to insulate the attic up to the modern standards. We will assist you with a technical assessment and the grant application process.

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