Welcome to our FAQ on attic insulation!

Welcome to our FAQ on attic insulation!

Here, we aim to shed light on the most commonly asked questions related to insulating your attic. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to improve energy efficiency, reduce utility bills, or enhance your comfort Our team of experts has compiled these frequently asked questions based on years of experience and industry knowledge. From the types of insulation materials available to understanding proper installation techniques, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. What thickness should my attic insulation be?

    Attic Insulation thickness typically is required to be 300mm in depth, however this can depend on the material used. To qualify for SEAI Grants a U-Value of Insulation is 0.16.

  2. My attic already has some Insulation, but it’s not at the recommended thickness, should this be removed or topped up?

    When we complete a technical assessment on a property we will check the quality of the existing insulation. We may recommend that the existing insulation is removed if it is infested, mouldy or ruined. In most cases simply topping the insulation up will work

  3. I can only access some areas of the attic and there are some separate areas which don’t appear to be accessible?

    Our expert installation team is used to working in confined spaces and will be able to access all areas such as slopes. In addition we can use roof entries to go into areas above bay windows and extensions.

  4. My home has water tanks in the attic, what needs to be done to these?

    Our attic pack includes insulation and lids for water tanks, we will also provide pipework insulation which will protect your equipment from the lower temperatures. In addition we also provide a plumber’s walkway to allow professionals easy access to the equipment for any services.

  5. My Attic has lots of electrical cables in the attic. I’m concerned that increasing the amount of insulation is a hazard?

    Most cables do not cause an issue when it comes to insulation, cables for a power shower are required to be on top of the insulation in order to minimise any issues.

  6. I would like to use my Attic for some storage space whilst upgrading the energy efficiency?

    We can install rigid insulation boards along with OSB Flooring which will allow for the attic to be used as a storage area. During a technical assessment we will assess what space is best suited to having storage fitted.

  7. What solutions do you have to allow access into the attic?

    We supply and fit a Polar Insulated ladder. This ladder will pull down and allow easy unrestricted access into the attic.

  8. I’m concerned about draughts from the attic into my home?

    Fitting draught proof covers onto the hatches and ensuring ventilation systems are working correctly are part of our technical assessments.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact us!

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