What is a Building Energy Ratings (BER)?

Unlock your Building Energy Efficiency! What is a Building Energy Ratings (BER)?

In Ireland today, energy efficiency and sustainability are key considerations in design and construction of buildings. As a country we are striving to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our energy consumption. Various tools and aids have emerged to assist in achieving this goal. One measure of energy efficiency is Building Energy Rating (BER). Which provides a look at various aspects of a building and its energy performance. Understanding our home’s energy efficiency is key to creating more energy efficient buildings.

So what is a BER?

It is an assessment of the energy performance and provides an indication of systems in a house such as insulation, heating systems, ventilation, and renewable energy sources. Building are rated on a scale with ‘A’ being the most efficient homes and ‘G’ being the least efficient.

The Importance of BERs:

By providing an easy to understand building rating, owners can see how they currently rank and can use this to assess what upgrades they can make and see the impact.

Owners stand to make great savings in the operating cost of the building, by optimising the energy efficiency can provide significant savings in the long term.

BER reports also contain an advisory report detailing what upgrades have been identified by the assessor and what impact they will have on the energy rating.

A Home’s BER resting can increase the market value of the property as more energy efficient buildings are in higher demand.

How to Check your BER Rating?

The SEAR BER Portal offers a online platform to access and BER’s that have previously been completed on the property. This can be checked by using your MPRN number and accessing the following website Obtaining a first BER?

SEAI maintains a register of qualified assessors on their website, you can access their information here.

Building energy ratings provide a vital role in promoting more energy efficient homes and more sustainable construction in the housing sectors. BER’s should be used as a starting place for anyone looking to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency.

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