Whats better, Shallow Measures or Deep Retrofit (DRP)?

Shallow Measures vs Deep Retrofit (DRP)?

Both are different energy efficiency projects that are undertaken on a home, the key reason for completing a project is typically to obtain a better energy efficiency rates. A key deciding factor to determine what solution is right for you will be your budget which is available. Consideration should also be given to the amount of disruption to your home.

Shallow Measures

Shallow measures typically consist of Low Cost High Impact upgrades which can be completed in a short amount of time. e.g. attic insulation would be completed in half of a day, Solar Panels could be completed in a day. Most measures are focused on one area in particular and cause minimal disruption to your house. Most of the shallow measures typically cost from a few hundred euros to several thousand.

Shallow measures can consist of:-

Deep Retrofit (DRP)

A Deep Retrofit is an extensive overhaul or renovation of multiple parts of the property typically completed over the course of several weeks. When undertaking this level of work it can cause large disruption to the property and may involve a short period where you would need to move out of your home. As many measures are undertaken at once the cost of which can be in the tens of thousands to the hundred of thousands in cost. Most retrofit projects will boost your BER rating to B2 or better.

is an energy renovation project where multiple parts of a property are upgraded in order to achieve a higher energy rating, typically B2 or better. These retrofits can cause large amounts of disruption and cost tens of thousands of euros.

Deep Retrofit can consist of:-


Picking the right course of action for you and your home is key to planning your path to a warmer, more efficient home.

The first steps for a Deep Retrofit would be to arrange a technical BER assessment to identify the best route for your home’s upgrade. Mc Gann Energy Consultants, offer a nationwide service for obtaining a BER.

The first steps for a Shallow Measure would be to contact your chosen contractor and a BER certificate would be arranged afterwards.