Closing The Gap - Party Wall

Fire Protection and the Importance of Closing the Gap!

Fire Safety on the party walls of a shared property, is crucial in preventing the spread of fire between adjoining walls. Whilst these walls act as a barrier, providing a line of defence, one area often overlooked is the gap at the top of the party wall and the felt. Failing to address this can compromise the effectiveness of the wall as a fire barrier. In this article we will explore the significance of closing the gap and how to get this done.

The Gap

The Gap at the top of the party wall can create a pathway for flames, heat and smoke to pass easily from one building to the next. Without addressing this issue a weak point can be left in the building. The consequences of an open gap can be disastrous, endangering lives and causing extensive property damage.

Expert Assessment and Installation

If a gap is present in your home, the first step to remedying this will be to conduct an assessment. The assessment needs to take into account building regulations & fire safety standards to correctly identify all gaps and weaknesses that need to be addressed to enhance the fire resistance of your property.

High Quality Fire Resistant Materials

When it comes to fire protection, quality is of the utmost importance. Using top of the line fire resistance materials that have been extensively tested and certified for their performance is key. Materials have to withstand high temperatures and inhibit the spread of flames to be successful at closing the gap.

Once the assessment is complete, Powell Insulations employs their expertise to install the appropriate fire protection materials. They have a range of specialised insulation solutions designed to close the gap effectively, minimising the risk of fire spread. These materials are carefully selected to provide optimal thermal resistance and fire containment properties.

Professional Installation

When installing fire protection is it of key importance that building regulations and fire safety codes are applied during the installation of any materials. Along with any guidelines which are provided with the materials.

What are the first steps?

I’m sure you will agree closing the gap in a party wall is a key first step to ensuring the first protection between adjoining properties. Neglecting this area compromising the safety of both occupants and structures.

With an experienced contractor, arranging your assessment is a key first step to safeguard your property against the rapid spread of fire.