Insulation Deep Dive

Stopping the Chill: Attic Insulation Deep-Dive

Staying warm during winter can be a challenge in different homes, heat loss and air tightness is commonly overlooked but can have a big impact on energy efficiency. When energy efficiency is mentioned people think of upgrading their heating system or using smart thermostats, but one of the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency and keep the warmth in your home is by properly insulating your attic.

The Cold Reality of heat loss through roofs it is very common and easy to identify a attic which could be significantly upgraded for a low cost. Take a row of terraced examples on a frosty morning like this morning, you will notice that some roofs still have frost on long into the morning and other the frost has completely disappear This is a great indication of exactly how much heat a property is loosing.

This is a great visual indicator to how well a row of houses is insulated. Houses with a thermal barrier the heat is not escaping from their house and therefore the frost is staying on the roof for a lot longer. whereas houses lacking in insulated are leaking a lot of heat into the attic space which is warming the roof and melting the frost.

What are the options to fix this?

Floor Insulation

Insulating at floor level is ideal as it keeps the attic space separate from the main body of the house meaning the heating system doesn’t need to expend any energy in order to heat the attic and the heating areas of the dwelling is significantly lower.

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