Ultimate Attic Flooring Guide

Flooring Options

As part of your Attic Insulation works you may plan to use your attic for storage, it is a condition of your SEAI grant that you achieve a thermal conductivity of 0.16 kWh in the entire attic including floored areas. It is also important that you do not store goods on your new insulation as this will negatively effect its performance and thermal properties. A Rate Your Attic can provide you with a high quality solution as part of your upgrade, or you can self install your own flooring post works as per our recommendations below. Note - all existing flooring must be removed prior to installation. A Rate Your Attic can provide this service as part of your quotation. If you wish to avail of this service please ensure your Quotation includes “Floor Removal”

Insulated OSB Flooring

Where flooring is being installed by A Rate Your Attic, a layer of 100mm rigid insulation is fitted instead of 200mm wool achieving the same U-Value for heat loss. Then an 18mm OSB board is safely secured to the rigid insulation below. This gives you a strong, safe, clean storage space to walk on with improved air tightness too. This system can be installed in the centre area of your attic only to a maximum of 12m2.

Available sizes - 3m2, 6m2, 9m2,12m2.

Loft Legs - Self Install

If you wish to re-use your old flooring, it is possible to re-install it over your new insulation using plastic risers called Loft Legs. The risers can be purchased online from various reputable vendors. We recommend you refer to manufacturers instructions and guidelines when installing this system factoring in weight distribution and load.

Raise Floor Level - Contractor/Carpenter

It is also possible to raise the floor joist level by 200mm and fix new flooring to the new floor joists. This ensures the integrity of the wool insulation underneath. This service is outsourced and not offered by A Rate Your Attic.


So in summary all the bases are covered for you to recieve your SEAI grant whilst having several options for installing high quality attic flooring. We can also arrange for an improved access to the attic by adding a set of folding attic stairs.