Warm Attic vs Cold Attic

Loft Roll – Insulating the Floor

Insulating along the floor creates a Cold Attic, it is the most energy efficient option. Due to the volume of air within the envelope of the building being less, meaning less energy is required to heat your house. In addition the cold barrier to the outside is less than half the distance compared to insulation on the roof rafters.

A lot of properties will only have approximately 100mm of insulation which is level with the top of the floor joists. The ideal amount of insulation Loft roll insulation is 300mm.

Spray Foam – Insulating the Rafters

Insulating the rafter created a Warm Attic, it is ideal for properties that have been converted or properties that may be converted at a later date. Once the spray foam is applied Plasterboard can be fitted over the spray foam to complete the attic insulation.