A Complete Attic Upgrade Solution

We provide a complete technical assessment, our surveyor will provide a copy of this report and talk you through your recomended upgrade.

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BER Assessments

Optimize Your Building's Energy Performance

Ensure your building meets energy efficiency standards with our BER (Building Energy Rating) assessment services. Our certified assessors provide comprehensive evaluations to determine the energy performance of your property.

With our expertise, you'll receive detailed insights and recommendations on how to improve your building's energy efficiency and reduce utility costs. Whether you're a homeowner, landlord, or property manager, a BER assessment can help you make informed decisions to enhance your building's sustainability.

Don't overlook the importance of energy efficiency. Contact us today to schedule a BER assessment and take the first step towards a more sustainable and cost-effective building.

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Insulated Flooring

Safe and Convenient Storage

Maximize the functionality of your attic space with our insulated flooring solutions. If you are planning to use your attic for additional storage, our insulated flooring ensures that your stored items are kept safe and easily accessible.

Our expert team can install high-quality insulated flooring as part of your attic upgrade project. By insulating the floor, we not only enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your home but also provide a durable and stable surface for storage purposes.

Don't let valuable attic space go to waste. Contact us today to learn more about our insulated flooring options and transform your attic into a safe and convenient storage area.


Attic Stairs

Elevate Your Attic Access

Enhance your attic upgrade with our insulated fold-down attic stairs. Complete with handrails, these stairs not only provide convenient access to your attic but also offer added safety for you and your family.

Our insulated attic stairs are designed to minimize heat loss and improve energy efficiency in your home. By upgrading to insulated stairs, you can reduce drafts and maintain a more comfortable indoor environment throughout the year.

Investing in new attic stairs is a wise choice for both convenience and safety. Contact us today to learn more about our insulated fold-down attic stairs and elevate your attic access to a new level.


Attic Clearout

Prepare Your Attic for Upgrades

If your old insulation is no longer fit for purpose or if you need assistance clearing the area before works begin, our team offers comprehensive attic clearout and treatment services.

We understand the importance of starting with a clean slate when upgrading your attic insulation. Our professional clearout services ensure that your attic is free from debris, old insulation, and other obstructions, allowing for a smooth and effective installation process.

Let us take care of the heavy lifting and preparation work so that you can enjoy the benefits of a well-insulated attic with ease. Contact us today to schedule your attic clearout and treatment services.



Optimize Airflow for a Healthier Attic

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy and efficient attic space. As part of any attic insulation upgrade, it's crucial to ensure adequate airflow to prevent the buildup of moisture and mitigate potential issues.

If your attic lacks proper ventilation, our installation team can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. We'll assess your property's construction and roof type to determine the most suitable ventilation options for your home.

From ridge vents to soffit vents and everything in between, our experts will guide you through the selection process to ensure optimal ventilation for your attic. With our ventilation solutions, you can rest assured that your attic is future-proofed against heat loss and potential issues.

Contact us today to learn more about our ventilation services and optimize airflow for a healthier and more efficient attic environment.

Water Tank Replacement

Upgrade Your Water Storage System

If your cold water storage tank is galvanized, it will need to be replaced with a plastic tank to qualify for grant funding. Fortunately, our team offers comprehensive water tank replacement services to ensure that your home meets regulatory requirements.

Why wait? Upgrade your water storage system today and take advantage of grant funding opportunities. Contact us to learn more about our water tank replacement services and schedule your upgrade alongside your insulation project.